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Buffard Logistique

Expert services in inventory control, packaging and highly efficient technology...

...We ensure quality logistics services and a total traceability of any and all of your shipments.

Advice, help in drafting specifications, the execution of customized operations...we work together with you to develop personalized solutions adapted to meet your needs, and in accordance with your budgetary concerns.

Storage and packaging

We offer the following services:

  • Inventory management
  • Preparation and organisation of orders
  • Packaging
  • Stocktaking
  • Product delivery
  • Online tracking services

... And our services are always customized and adapted to fit your specific needs.

Handling of heavy or oversize loads

Handling of heavy or oversize loadsThanks to our fleet of loading and transportation machinery for loads up to 45 tons, we are ready to handle your heavy or oversize goods:

  • Fixing in place of transported goods,
  • Lifting of heavy loads,
  • Stabilizing goods to prevent damage during transport,
  • Container loading...

We also specialize in the storage of alcohol and dry food goods.

Specialty warehousing alcohol,
dry food goods...

Specialty warehousing alcoholThe storage of alcohol and dry food goods requires special expertise, along with a complete understanding of sector-specific legislation. Buffard Logistique is a certified alcohol, food and phytosanitary product warehousing company.

Authorized to provide the storage of alcohol, veterinary products and phytosanitary goods, BUFFARD Logistique has 60,000 m2 of warehousing space and is fully prepared to provide you with the logistics services needed to efficiently manage your merchandise.

Online inventory management

All of our warehouses are fully equipped with computerized inventory management systems which allow you to consult, manage and track your stock in real-time via the internet. It is also possible to directly coordinate your business’ operational system to our stock management program through the use of an interface.

manutention entrepôtOur Facilities and Capabilities

  • 40,000 m2 of warehousing space
  • M.A.D. – M.A.E. Customs clearance sites
  • Type A and Duty Free warehouses
  • Veterinary authorization n°76-533-02
  • Alcohol authorization n°FR 01 230 N 0005
  • OEA customs security and simplified customs procedures
Buffard Logistique
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