Guiding Principles
Buffard Logistics

A Family Business with Strong Values: High Standards, Performance and Trust

Our guiding principles can be summed up by three key values: high standards, performance and trust.

We value high standards and performance because your satisfaction, along with the quality of our services, remains our top priority.

Trust is a key value because Buffard Logistique is, above all else, a team of qualified and invested professionals for whom customization and personalization play a major role in daily business operations.


Quality service with a guarantee of:

ISO 9001:2000

The safest possible transport of your products - our top priority

Buffard transportation services are ISO 9001 certified (version 2000).

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Respected Deadlines

24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours... We guarantee on-time deliveries and are committed to meeting transportation deadlines (outside of special circumstances).

Quality Service

Fully adapted and regularly updated equipment, qualified and experienced staff, respect for deadlines...We guarantee dependable service and performance you can count on, with no hidden fees.

Buffard transport is ISO 9001 certified (version 2000).

Our responsiveness

Thanks to our team of professionals who are always available and on-call, we have the capacity to respond to your needs as quickly as possible and to provide a focused response to your specific objectives, offering customized service and optimized solutions.

Our dependability

  • The dependabilityCode of business ethics and quality, signed and respected.
  • Competent, responsible and motivated personnel.
  • Ongoing Professional training to optimize service and safety.
  • Effective means of communication and real-time tracking of all transported items: EDI, transmission embarked computing equipment...
  • An active policy of ISO certification for each of its members.
Buffard Logistique
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