Civic gestures
Buffard Logistics

Colleagues, Participants and Good Citizens!

Sustainable results are first and foremost related to the people involved. Our colleagues are fully committed and determined to participating in the fulfilment of initiatives that favour the growing role of respectful and civic-minded business practices.

Our drivers are often rewarded for the quality of their service. Several of our drivers have received awards from the group “l’Ordre du Conducteur de la Prévention Routière” – an organization for the prevention of road accidents - including the Golden Palm Award (25 years of driving experience or a minimum of 500,000 km successfully completed) and the Platinum Award (40 years of driving experience or a minimum of 1,200,000 km successfully completed).

French national blood bankBuffard Logistique is also in partnership with the French national blood bank. Our personnel are all conscious of the importance of blood donations within our company.


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