Buffard Logistics

Going the Extra Step for Sustainability

Eko the SquirrelFor a number of years, Buffard Logistique has encouraged the development of sustainable business initiatives, in its own practices as well as in the practices of its business partners.

The implementation of participatory work groups has allowed us to identify concrete measures, which have been introduced with the special help of mascot “Eko the Squirrel”: descriptive signposting and additional information at all of our sites, awareness campaigns to promote positive daily gestures which benefit the environment...

Our drivers also play a role in our sustainability initiatives by adhering to the eco-driving approach, which has proven beneficial for all parties involved; a part of the money saved as a direct result of the reduction of fuel consumption is carried over to our partners in business.

Today, Buffard Logistique is entering a new phase of its sustainable initiatives: the installation of photovoltaic panels, use of LED light sources, controlled water consumption...

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